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LSE Bike Showroom 1
LSE Bike Showroom 2

Bike Showroom

Custom Project

This project is a commercial location, with a showroom and offices within a single building. The showroom is the primary focus of the design, its illumination is important in showcasing the client’s products and highlighting their quality and aesthetic feel.


This was all about getting an even amount of light across the showroom and over each bike. The challenge however being that we needed to keep the amount of fittings to a minimum whilst keeping everything well lit.


With the client provided plans we rebuilt the location digitally and applying our knowledge and expertise planned an effective lighting solution.


The decision to work with three areas of track light was made due to the property having a high ceiling and the ability it gave us to suspend the track lighting closer to the bikes. The track lighting could be aimed in any direction which would allow our client to pick out each bike as they saw fit.



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